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April 22, 2012

I had lunch with my friends in Thai Express yesterday. We took a photo together with an iphone and then uploaded it to weibo (Chinese twitter). We all saw our faces online instantly and got comments from friends in China a minute later.

Quite an ordinary thing for everybody now with a smartphone. But somehow it reminds me of the old days, when we used films to shoot pictures, when we developed photos in a store, when we passed around the pictures and films and took notes of photo numbers that need more copies, and when we had the physical touch with a certain photo with tears in eyes.

Things are so different now. Every thing is easier and faster. So fast that we forget to cherish the magic of photography.

I search through my hard drive only to find one photo shot by film. That was a photo of Beijing. I scanned the film to keep the record because it was a surprise for me when I saw the developed photo. I thought it would had been dark but it turned out to have a special  hue. It truly recorded my memory of that dawn in front of the city gate–a chilling winter morning with warm sunshine.


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