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Double Coin Knot: Story and Tutorial

May 25, 2012

Double Coin Knot

Double Coin Knot is the most ancient knot in China. Its prototype appeared in the decoration of a pedestal box in the Warring States Period (475-221BCE). And its pattern was constantly used in other forms of decoration to symbolize the circle of life.

For example, the stone carving of the tomb in Western Han Dynasty(206 BCE – 9 CE)  shows  Nv Wa and Fuxi (a goddess and a god with snake tails) intertwining their tails.

photo source:

Here you can see the knot decorating this general’s statue, which guards the road to a tomb in the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644).

photo source:

Interestingly, the same knot can be also seen in the West. This simple pattern has evolved into complicated patterns as Celtic Knots.

It is very easy to make one:

How to make a Double Coin Knot

You can make a bracelet with Double Coin Knot:

Double Coin Knot bracelet tutorial



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