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Double Connection Knot: Story and Tutorial

May 31, 2012

Double Connection Knot

Double Connection Knot consists of two simple flat knots intertwining with each other.

It symbolizes forever love.

When I was young, I could not understand why this simple knot could be a love symbol. It is just…too simple, nothing fancy nor fabulous. But now I admire my ancestors. They truly understood love. Two simple knots create a tough knot that is hard to untie. Simple as they are, they show great strength when they come together. Isn’t it just like love? Ordinary people live their simple life and fight for any adversity with their love for each other.

That is the strength of love. Not fancy but hard to break.

Here is how you can make a Double Connection Knot:

1. Make a simple flat knot with the red cord around the yellow cord.

2. Make another simple flat knot with the yellow cord around the red cord.

3. Tie them together. You can see they are of opposite directions.

4. Done! You can see the knots overlap each other and form a cross each side.

Four steps to make a Double Connection Knot


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