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Lark’s Head Knot: Story and Tutorial

June 13, 2012

Lark’s Head Knot is usually used in hanging a ring. You will probably find one on the tag of your new clothes.

In Chinese knotting, Lark’s Head Knot is used to strengthen a cord and make a nice fringe.

If  you know tatting, you will find this familiar. Yes, this knot share the same structure with basic tatting.

As I know Chinese knots earlier than tatting, I understand tatting as a complicated combination of Lark’s Head Knot by using a shuttle or needle. In Chinese knotting, you just need your hands.

Lark is an auspicious bird in Chinese culture, which brings this knot some good meaning, such as happy events approaching.

Here is the tutorial. Simple as it is, I don’t think I need any descriptive words.

As this knot can produce a hard and regular fringe around a cord, you can make patterns–just like tatting.

Here is a design in my etsy shop using Lark’s Head Knot:


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