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Panchang Knot: Story and Tutorial

June 5, 2013

Panchang Knot is so popular that many people think it is “the Chinese Knot”. Actually it is only a typical knot genre in Chinese knotting. A  basic Panchang Knot consists of 8 loops and 8 ears. The cord in Panchang Knot forms an endless pattern so people believe it is a symbol of longevity.

Panchang Knot is one of the eight Buddhist treasures (or auspicious symbols). Its pattern can be found in many antiques like porcelain dishes and paintings.

The eight treasures (auspicious symbols)

The Panchang Knot pattern found on a brick dated from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD)

Porcelain vase with eight auspicious symbols in the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912)

By adding loops and changing their paths, Panchang Knot has evolved numerous variations.

Royoko Minami, a Chinese knotting artist designed this picture with a variety of Panchang Knots:

Ryoko Minami’s artwork: Foundations are from a root

With just one cord, you can also make a nice Panchang Knot.

Pins on board can help you clearly see how the cord goes in and out.

When you are familiar with the paths of the cord, you can try to tie this knot with bare hands.

Try this video. It is a method introduced by Mr Yang Chaozong from Taiwan.

How to make a Panchang Knot without pins

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