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Home deco tutorial-Postcard/photo hanger

June 24, 2013

I love postcards. When I travel, I stop by and send postcards to myself and my friends. So do some of my friends. That’s why I get many postcards in my drawer. This weekend I made a nice hanger for them! It’s very easy and fun to do one.

Picture hanger 02

Step 1: Get some sticks. I collected these on the way home from the supermarket. Use thin wires to link them.

Picture hanger 03

Step 2: You can even add some interesting pattern on the wires.

Picture hanger 04

Step 3: Hang the sticks.

Picture hanger 05

Step 4: Add clips on the sticks. Now it’s fun to play. Try to balance the set by the number and the position of clips.

Picture hanger 06


Step 5: Add your postcards or photos on it. Tada!

The good thing of this hanger is, when you are bored, you can change the postcards and read them anytime.

One Comment
  1. Ooooooh~ I see that one I sent you! Nice!

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