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New Etsy Listing-Chinese Knot Bracelet (Fabulous Future)

September 9, 2013

Colorful bracelets of you choice

Jingang Knot can be used to make bracelets in various ways. Fabulous Future is not a very new design for me but I think I started to explore the variations of Jingang Knots in this bracelet.

A basic Jingang Knot requires two cords but as it is actually continuously intertwined, it is possible that four cords or even six cords working together.  Also, Jingang Knot can create strong winding so it can wrap a thicker cord to strengthen the bracelet.

A customer from etsy told me that Jingang Knot has “therapeutic” effect. It is so interesting that both Chinese and people from other places share the similar feelings. When I just learned Jingang Knot, I could not stop until there were no cords. It sounds dull to repeat the same step time and time again, but it really can calm you down. Focus on the pattern and keep your fingers move. Time flies through your finger tips into the knots you just tied.

Click here for purchasing the tutorial:


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