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Ancient Chinese knots have implicit meanings of their own.

I love this art and try to design modern ornaments with this ancient language.

Cords are flexible yet strong when they are knotted.

Knots are endurable like jewels yet warm.

My etsy shop is here:

  1. Sofia Czanik permalink

    Hello, I love your Chinese knot work.

    Could you tell me where in Singapore you buy your knotting cord? I would love to buy some and am only here until Saturday. Thank you

    • Hi, thanks for asking. You can find some cords in Textile Centre near North Bridge Road. Usually I go there by MRT and walk from Bugis.
      Most of the cords are brought from China. The ones in Singapore have only a few varieties:(
      Wish you good luck!

      • Sofia permalink

        Thank you! I found some at People’s Park Complex today and it will have to do. I’m leaving on Saturday so I don’t have time to go to the textile centre. Thank u for sharing though. I will go there next year when I’m back!

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